Not going out daisy

Daisy is one of the main characters of Not Going Out, along with Lee, Tim, Lucy, Barbara and formerly Kate.

Daisy first appears in Dating where she is one of the girls who Lee meets whilst speed dating. He gets on well with her despite her inability to make decisions, and invites her to have a meal at the flat with him and Lucy. In the end, Daisy ends up going out with Tim. Since then, she has appeared as a regular and has more of a bigger role in series six as Tim Vine has left the show. She pitches into conversations with little knowledge and is also very gullible. Her lack of intelligence clearly embarrasses Tim, as a result it is a bit of a mystery why he is still going out with her. Even though Tim no longer appears, she still appears to be dim witted. In the Christmas special, she thinks that the house her, Lucy and Lee are staying in is haunted.