Series 4, Episode 4
Air date 27 January 2011
Written by Lee Mack, Darin Henry
Directed by Nick Wood
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Dancing is the fourth episode of the Series 4 of Not Going Out and originally aired on 27 January, 2011.


Lucy and Tim are distraught. Their parents' thirty-year marriage is at an end, and their father has moved out of the family home... And into Lee's bedroom.


Lucy and Tim's parents, Geoffrey (Geoffrey Whitehead) and Wendy, are separating because Geoffrey would not let Wendy go ballroom dancing. After an unfortunate heart-to-heart with Geoffrey, Lee unintentionally makes Geoffrey realise he wants to leave Wendy and he moves into Lucy's flat, banishing Lee to the sofa and causing Lucy to threaten to evict Lee if her parents don't get back together. Lee speaks to Wendy, who tells him that while she wants to dance with another man, what she actually wants is an affair. Lee tells the others about their conversation, using 'dance' as a euphemism, but no one understands and they all think Wendy just wants to dance with someone. They all decide Lee would be the perfect man to dance with her. Lee reluctantly agrees, but when the dance is in full swing, Geoffrey runs in and punches Lee, saying that he realised he couldn't bear Wendy to dance with another man. Geoffrey and Wendy get back together.


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