Series 2, Episode 6
Not Going Out series 2
Air date 12 October 2007
Written by Lee Mack, Simon Evans, Paul Kerensa & Andrew Collins
Directed by Alex Hardcastle
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Dating is the sixth episode of the Series 2 of Not Going Out and originally aired on 12 October, 2007.


As Lucy and Guy's relationship intensifies, Lee starts to ponder his lack of a girlfriend and, encouraged by Barbara, tries speed dating. Tim is forced to go on a disastrous date with Barbara in order to prove that he sees her as more than 'the help'.


After getting ribbing from Lucy, Barbara and Tim about been single Lee attends a speed dating night. Lee's first few dates don't go badly. Meanwhile Time waiting for Lee spends time with Barbara, who is also waiting for her friend, at the bar. He meets the ditzy Daisy and while things don't go well on impulse Lee asks for her number, which she gives him. The next day he calls her and they go out on a date, which isn't very successful. However, the next day spurred on by Barbara he invites Daisy over for dinner with him and Lucy to try and get Lucy jealous. To keep Tim out of the picture Barbara agrees to meet him at the pub. When Tim finds out about the date he returns to the flat and him and Daisy hit it off. Daisy ends her relationship with Lee and starts dating Tim.

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