Series 4, Episode 5
Air date 3 February 2011
Written by Lee Mack
Directed by Nick Wood
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Life on Mars Bars

Fireworks is the fifth episode of the Series 4 of Not Going Out and originally aired on 3 February, 2011.


When an old lady wanders into Lucy's flat and makes herself at home on the sofa, Lee doesn't know what to do with her.


An old lady (Vilma Hollingbery) wanders into Lucy's flat and joins Lee on the sofa. When it becomes clear that she doesn't know who she is, Lee throws her out but Lucy makes him take her back, though she thinks she slept with Lee. Lee discovers from her friend (Morris Perry) that she has a rich son who always pays a handsome reward to the person who brings her home, which Lee hopes to use to buy fireworks and impress Lucy. Does she?


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