Geoffrey Adams


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First episode

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Tim Adams (son)

Lucy Adams (daughter)

Lee (son-in-law)


Wendy Adams (wife)

Geoffrey Adams (portrayed by Timothy West and Geoffrey Whitehead) is Lucy and Tim's father and husband of Wendy Adams, who is 20 years his junior.

He thinks his son is a wet blanket (he's right), but loves his daughter very much.

Geoffrey is stern and to the point, and doesn't hide the fact that he doesn't like Lee.

In series four, it is revealed that he and Wendy are splitting up because Geoffrey wouldn't let her go ballroom dancing and he moved in to the flat, banishing Lee to the sofa. Lucy threatened to evict Lee if her parents didn't get back together. They all seemed to think that Wendy just wanted to dance with another man, and decided that Lee would be the perfect man to dance with her. Geoffrey later rushed in and punched Lee, because he couldn't bear to have Wendy dancing with someone else.

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