Series 6, Episode 5
Air date Friday 17th May 2013
Directed by Nick Wood
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The return from Africa of Lucy's first teenage love proves too much for Lee, especially when it turns out that Scott has written a play for Lucy and wants her to star in an Amateur production of it. Can Lee prevent them from getting too close?


Wendy and Geoffrey recruit Lucy, Daisy and Lee to join their amateur dramatics group, performing a Victorian-style melodrama called 'The Kiss' and written by Lucy's pretentious first love Scott.

In the play, Scott plays a man returning home from war after losing a leg to find his old love (who Lucy is playing) married to a vile husband (played by Lee). Throughout rehearsals, Lee shows increased jealousy as he throws in his own improvised lines and holds off the rehearsal of the final kiss between Scott and Lucy's characters.

Jealous that Lucy and Scott are hitting it off on stage Lee attacks Scott and gets sacked from the play.  Lucy's father takes over his role and Lee goes home.  The night the play is to be performed, Daisy explains that if Scott and Lucy do kiss on stage then their relationship might pick up again off stage.  Lee heads to the theatre where he locks Lucy's father in a storeroom cupboard and enters the play.  

Using the fictious nature of the play, Lee tells Lucy how he really feels about her whilst simultaneously aggravating Scott. Scott comes out of character but Daisy triggers a trapdoor taking him out of the way. Lee asks Lucy is she really believes one kiss can change a woman's opinion about a man before kissing her.