Lee Mack, star, co-writer and co-creator of hit BBC One sitcom Not Going Out, has confirmed that the show is set to return.

Appearing on BBC One programme The One Show to promote Series 6 of the hit sitcom, Mack said: "Nothing's been signed yet, but it's virtually gonna happen!"

This will be the series where Lee and Lucy's relationship will develop and they may get together.

Lee may not return, but may direct, after this series.

Not Going Out will return for a seventh series towards the end of 2014 and will star Lee Mack, Sally Bretton and Katy Wix reprising their roles as Lee, Lucy and Daisy respectively. The series will consist of ten episodes, one of which will be broadcast as a Christmas special in 2014. Filming took place in front of an audience beginning 23 May, and ending 25 July.