'The Auditors' were a rock band that appeared in Season 5 Episode 1 'Band'.

History Edit

The band was formed by Stretch who also acted as it's lead guitarist, he also recruited an unnamed drummer and an unnamed bassist before recruiting Tim on lead vocals making the band a 4-piece.

They decided to perform at the 'Battle of the Bands' competition where they were greeted by Tim's girlfriend Daisy, his best friend Lee, and his sister Lucy, who Stretch took a liking too making Lee jealous. Shortly after chatting with them they went on stage after the band 'Yellow Snow' (who was performing before them) was booed off. They performed the song 'Viva Las Vegas'. They're performance also managed to get them into the finals.

Lucy later lent them her flat so that they could rehearse. Lee later asked Tim out of jealousy and wanting to impress Lucy if he could join the band, with Tim refusing due to Stretch being in charge, but nevertheless Tim asked Stretch if he could join with him refusing because the band 'didn't need another member' but after hearing that it would make Lucy happy Stretch agreed to let Lee into the band. But it was later revealed that he had joined as a roadie and not a guitar player.

Battle of the Bands final Edit

On the night of the Battle of the Band finals while getting ready to perform Stretch and Tim (to his dismay) performed an explicit song called 'Lucy' to Lucy. Lee later went to retrieve Stretch's jacket to which he was greeted by an angry woman named Grace who found several songs that Stretch had written for her and for other women with Lucy being one of them.

After Lee exposed Stretch as a cheating womaniser he later quit the competition and presumably the band and the band was left without a lead guitarist, so Lee stepped in despite not knowing any of their songs so they performed 'Know him so well' by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson and the theme song to 'Minder', but their performance was interrupted due to Lee attempting to stage dive and injuring himself. The choice of songs and Lee's antics caused the band to lose the competition.

Appearances Edit

Series 5 Edit

Members Edit

  • Stretch (lead guitar)
  • Tim Adams (lead vocals)
  • unnamed bassist (bass guitar)
  • unnamed drummer (drums)
  • Lee ( roadie and lead guitar) (replaced Stretch)

Trivia Edit

  • Stretch describes himself as the 'Lennon of the band' referencing the Beatles lead singer John Lennon and the fact that the band was his idea, with Tim being referred to 'Paul McCartney' and the drummer and bassist being referred to as 'John and Ringo'.
  • The band presumably split up due to Stretch leaving and losing the competition as it is not mentioned in future episodes.