[The House]
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The House
Air date 24th December 2013
Written by Lee Mack and Daniel Peak
Directed by Ed Bye
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Attempting to give Lucy the perfect Christmas, Lee takes her, her parents - and Daisy - away to a cosy country cottage, formerly home to his own aunt.


In an effort to create the perfect Christmas for Lucy, Lee invites her parents to join the two of them and Daisy in a snug old house in the country which used to belong to his dear dead aunt. But the Christmas spirit is in short supply when Lucy discovers that the house has not been lived in for years and there appears to be a spooky presence. However, the spooky presence turns out to be Lee's dad Frank, who has also turned up to enjoy Christmas in the house with an old flame, and in an effort to get rid of the unwanted visitors he pretends the house is haunted by playing old music and leaving threatening messages on the cellar wall.