Series 3, Episode 2
Not Going Out series 3
Air date 6 February 2009
Written by Lee Mack, Andrew Collins
Directed by Nick Wood
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Winner is the second episode of the Series 3 of Not Going Out and originally aired on 6 February, 2009.


Lee is insufferably smug when he wins a thousand pounds in a writing competition with an essay entitled Disability in the Workplace.

Lucy is moved to tears when she reads the essay - she had no idea that Lee was so sensitive. Tim, however, is more sceptical, and with good reason; when a journalist turns up to interview the winner, she is expecting to meet a disabled author.


For Lee's own emusmant he enters a story writing commotion for disabeled people.He was blind...No One Worry He Covered His Eyes.However when the publisher comes round she asked 

Publisher:"so where's Lee...... You know the one in the wheel chair." ......Oh Although it could be you after all you are blind"

Lee:"Ah no that would be FAR too obvious "

To save his own skin he askes Tim to be in a wheel chair Daisy (not knowing she had) outsimers And also Lucy not knowing she had turrets (she played it very well)

In the end they didn't get the prize and lost all 7 cups with Wigan football players on.


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